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Four Summer Health Hazards You Need to Avoid

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, but it doesn’t come without its unique risks. Summer can be a busy time for hospitals and clinics, as both children and adults are more active outdoors which can lead to more injuries.

Injuries range from burns to fractures from sports to pool side accidents. By taking some precautions, you can avoid many of these injuries. But sometimes they are unavailable. If you or a loved one is injured, be sure to take them to be evaluated. 

Urgent care centers are often sufficient to treat most injuries, so long as there is no severe trauma. For minor injuries, they can even offer telemedicine urgent care in Florida. COVID-19 testing in Palm Beach is also available if any signs or symptoms emerge whether you reside in Florida or are visiting for the summer. 

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So what are some common summer health hazards seen in Florida Urgent Care Clinics? We will discuss and provide some education so you can keep your family safe and having fun this summer.

1. Heat Exhaustion 

Extreme heat is a common occurrence in Florida. Over time it can cause heat cramps and lead to heat stroke if not taken seriously. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to excessive heat. 

You can help minimize heat exposure by wearing light, loose clothing. Try to run errands early in the morning or later at night to avoid peak hours of heat. Also, avoid exercise during the hottest point of the day. Of course, drink plenty of water throughout the day to maintain hydration. 

If you notice any signs of heatstroke, which can include nausea, cramps, or pale, moist skin, then seek an area where you can cool off and hydrate well. Seek medical attention if necessary, especially if there are any behavior changes, rapid heart rate, or a fever. 

2. Safety Precautions When Mowing the Lawn

Mowing accidents are prevalent every summer. One of the best ways to avoid injury is to keep your lawnmower in good working order. Before examining your mower for malfunctions, always make sure your lawnmower is shut off. Never use your hands to clear debris from the blades. 

If you have a riding lawn mower, it’s advised to go up and down slopes rather than side to side to avoid tipping over. Of course, in the interest of their own safety, keep children, especially young children, away from lawnmowers.

3. Shark Attacks

Shark attacks are rare, but they do occur. There are some safety tips you can follow in the water. 

  • Sharks are most active at twilight. Avoid swimming at this time.
  • Sharks are drawn to blood so avoid swimming if bleeding. 
  • Avoid shiny jewelry in the water, as sharks can mistake it for fish and be drawn to you. 

4. Drowning

According to the CDC, drowning is the third leading cause of death from unintentional injury worldwide. Many of the drowning victims are children, but adults are as well, often even if considered strong swimmers. 

So how can you keep the family safe? Always watch children closely when they are around water. It is wise to consider putting a high fence around pools, so neighborhood children don’t find their way into your backyard pool. If you are boating, everyone should wear a life vest. It’s important to understand that anyone can be a victim of drowning, so always take precautions. 

4. Overexposure to Sun

With strong sun rays comes the risk of severe sunburns. Despite all efforts and education on wearing sunscreen, sunburns are still a common injury. If bad enough, a sunburn can even cause permanent skin injury. 

So make sure you apply sunscreen before you go out in the skin. Make sure to apply to areas often missed, such as the top of the ears and the nape of the neck. The sunscreen should have an SPF of 50 and often reapply, even up to every hour, especially if swimming or sweating frequently. 

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Where to go if You Have a Summer Injury in Florida?

Despite all precautions, you may still find you need the help of urgent care at some point during the summer. Urgent Care of The Palm Beaches has several convenient locations to serve you whenever you need care: 

All locations also offer rapid COVID testing if you or a loved one shows any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. 

We hope you have a safe, fun, and healthy summer! 

The material contained on this site is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MEDICAL ADVICE, and is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional medical judgment, advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health.


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