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What are the Physical Effects of Stress on the Body

Did you know there are different types of stress, and they can all contribute to physical effects on the body? Everyone experiences some amount of stress. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the stress level for most people has increased

This article will cover what you need to know about stress, how it can impact your health, and what you can do to handle stress healthily. 

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What are the Different Types of Stress?

Psychological Stress

Psychological stress is emotional. It is triggered by fear, perfectionism, or resentments. Have you ever felt like you have an information overload? That is psychological stress. 

Physical stress

Bodily harm can cause stress, such as chronic health conditions. This also includes other conditions, including COVID-19. If you are worried you may have COVID-19 or have been exposed; then there are rapid COVID-19 testing options to give you peace of mind. 

Psycho-Spiritual Stress

This type of stress can come from having a lack of purpose, a feeling of not living in line with your values or having confusion over your spiritual beliefs. 

Psycho-Social Stress

Psycho-social stress is caused by feeling disconnected from your community, friendships, difficulty with finances or partner in life. 

How Can Stress Affect Your Health?

The effects of stress on physical stress can be quite severe. Every body system is impacted because stress causes a chemical reaction by releasing cortisol, the stress hormone. As a result, cortisone increases your heart rate and blood pressure. It keeps you in a flight-and-fight response.

While this was a necessity for survival for our ancestors, it becomes a problem for us today when we are experiencing cortisol-inducing situations, when our lives are not in danger. Our bodies remain heightened, contributing to health issues. 

Some of the physical health effects that can be stress-induced can include: 

  • Headaches
  • Body aches
  • Insomnia
  • High blood pressure
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Digestive issues
  • Reproductive health or fertility issues
  • Muscle tension
  • Asthma
  • Hair loss
  • Hives or other skin disorders
  • Heart attacks or strokes
  • Worsening of chronic health conditions
  • A weakened immune system

If you feel physical symptoms from stress and would like to speak with a doctor, consider telemedicine urgent care to discuss treatment options right away. 

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What Can You Do to Handle Stress in Your Life?

First, be assured there are things you can do to help you cope with stress in your life. For example, if you are having difficulty sleeping, consider guided meditations or falling asleep to background noise, such as the sound of the ocean. 

Experts strongly suggest medication to handle stress. It reduces stress and enhances well-being. There are many meditation apps and options on YouTube that you can find for guided meditation. 

Another option is a regular yoga practice. Yoga has the calming benefits of meditation yet also offers the benefits of exercise. It can even help with physical pain symptoms experienced due to stress in your life. 

Aside from yoga, other forms of exercise are important to release endorphins and chemicals that induce feelings of well-being. Start small if you have to buy just walking in small intervals and work your way up. Add strength exercises with time. Not only will it help with stress, but it will increase your self-esteem and may help you sleep better at night. 

Sleep is one of the most critical factors in stress management. Keep a routine around bedtime to help you sleep better at night. Stay off electronics at least an hour before bed. Read a book or take a relaxing bath. 

Keeping a strong social network can also be important during times of stress. Reach out to friends and family members so you don’t feel alone. It is important to talk about what you are experiencing with those you trust. 

Also, establish a sense of purpose in your life. Set a goal or spend time helping others. Consider a career change if yours is contributing to your stress or try volunteer work as giving back makes you feel you are making a difference in the lives of others. 

Finally, you can always consider therapy. You don’t need to fight your battles with stress alone. Reach out for help if you need to. 

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Feeling the Physical Effects of Stress? We Can Help!

If stress is overwhelming you and you feel the physical impacts, see us at Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches. You can schedule an appointment, but we also accept walk-ins. We have several locations for your convenience; 

If you need COVID-19 testing (PCR and Antigen testing), we can help you with COVID-19 testing in Palm Beach.

Don’t hesitate! Connect with us today! 

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