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Drug testing before starting work - is it worth it?

If you have been reading the news at all, you know that there is an opioid epidemic. But a far less sinister drug has been stopping up employers in their quest to fill vacancies. It’s marijuana. Employers who do drug testing in Lake Worth and around the country report that the number one drug which excludes workers is marijuana. The question has started to arise: Is drug testing worth it? Should employers continue to test potential employees for being drug-free before they start work?

What does drug testing Lake Worth cover?

Whether it’s in Lake Worth, Wellington or any other city or state, pre-employment drug screening is typically done via a urine test. Some employers prefer doing blood tests, and still others are checking for alcohol. These latter two are more common if there has been an accident at work.

If your employer requires a drug screen or you are trying to pass your DOT physical in West Palm Beach, for example, it means you can go into an urgent care center with a form from your employer. You’ll give a sample and you’ll get your results either instantly, or 1-3 days later, depending on the panel you’ve had.

Drug testing Lake Worth via the urine test tests for cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, other opiates, and marijuana. If you are an employee looking for work, know that marijuana lasts in your system longest of all, especially if you are a regular user.

Why do employers do it?

The fact that most drugs besides marijuana are undetectable in your system after three days raises the question: Why do employers do drug testing in Lake Worth at all?

The truth is that most employers use pre-employment drug screening as part of a “drug-free workplace program” that, when implemented according to the law passed in 1988, gets them a discount on their worker’s compensation insurance.

Certainly, there are risks to operating heavy machinery while under the influence, and most employers want to avoid such situations. However, as marijuana is become legalized for recreational or medical use in many states, it’s worth asking whether testing for marijuana still makes sense. In fact, it is in these states in which “failing” rates have indeed risen.

drug-testing-west-palm-beach Drug testing before starting work - is it worth it?

Should employers continue to do drug testing in Wellington?

Unfortunately, research on illicit drugs and their impact on performance at work is limited at best. What we know anecdotally is that the costs of having to prolong a job search or leave a position vacant as you pass over candidates who have tested positive for marijuana can be expensive. That’s especially true when you consider they could have smoked their last joint over a month prior.

It’s worth asking the question whether the minimum cutoff should be relaxed in the case of marijuana, but there isn’t likely to be an answer soon. Businesses that contract with the federal government or are under federal safety guidelines will continue to have drug testing for all drugs, including marijuana, for the foreseeable future, which means if you’re preparing for your DOT Physical in Lake Worth, it’s time to lay off.

Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches does drug testing and screening at all three of its Palm Beach locations. If you are an employer seeking additional information about how to implement a drug-free workplace program and you want to partner with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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