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9 reasons why companies perform drug tests on employees

Alcohol and drug abuse create significant problems in the private life of the abuser and his or her family. Employees’ private matters, in theory, should be of no concern to employers, yet the consequences of substance abuse stretch far beyond the abuser’s private life, and it is often the workplace where the problem comes to light and is addressed. 

As a reputable and experienced provider of drug tests in West Palm Beach, FL we know that substance abusers make high-risk employees. They can decrease productivity and efficiency, and affect other employees’ morale. Health-related hazards include compromised physical safety, e.g. as a result of violent behaviors or uncoordinated movements, and errors with potentially fatal consequences, e.g. in medical professions, heavy industry or transportation.

There are many good reasons to test 

Companies implement drug testing on employees for many reasons. The most common reasons for testing are because it:

  • prevents hiring individuals who use illegal drugs
  • deters employees from abusing alcohol and using illegal drugs 
  • allows early identification of staff members who have alcohol or drug problems
  • provides a safe workplace for other employees
  • maintains a healthy and efficient work environment
  • may help avoid lawsuits and related costs
  • protects the business’ reputation
  • follows state rules or complies with federal regulations
  • allows benefiting from Workers’ Compensation Premium Discount programs

Costs to companies that are not drug testing

Fortunately, these days many companies and institutions have a strict anti-drug policy in place and use drug testing services such as drug testing in West Palm Beach provided by Urgent Care of The Palm Beaches. Anti-drug policies protect the people working in that environment from risks associated with having an employee who takes drugs or abuses alcohol. Business entities who save money on prevention must realize the hidden costs of that decision. 

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the costs are staggering. Statistics show that substance abusers are: 

  • 30% less productive 
  • 2.5 times more likely to be absent eight or more days a year
  • 3.5 times more likely to have or cause an accident in the workplace
  • 300% more likely to incur higher medical costs than non-abusers

Replacing an employee incurs additional costs, estimated at around $7,000-10,000 but in the case of highly skilled professionals, this cost may double or triple. 

direct-primary-care-raleigh-780x300-1 9 reasons why companies perform drug tests on employees

Drug testing and drug screening at West Palm Beach area

At Urgent Urgent Care of The Palm Beaches, we make it equally easy for employees and employers to obtain necessary drug tests. We have three conveniently located facilities across the Palm Beaches where we offer a full range of drug testing services, including urine screening, laboratory analysis, and alcohol screening via blood or breath. 

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