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Safeguard Your Health: Telemedicine and COVID-19 Testing

telemedicine urgent care florida

Amid this coronavirus pandemic, telemedicine is emerging as a vital part of the “new normal”. Since the virus can be very contagious and may cause widespread transmission, many patients who need medical advice are now turning to telemedicine as their lifeline.  Urgent Care Palm Beach Gardens now offers telemedicine urgent care in Florida. This service […]

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How to use antibiotics effectively and what happens if you don’t

walk in clinic Palm Springs

At work, at the store, at school – you can catch a cold anywhere. And it’s miserable! Naturally, to get some relief, you head to your walk-in clinic in Wellington and ask for drugs. The doctor complies, writing you a prescription for amoxicillin. But wait – didn’t you say you had a cold? Why are […]

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