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Common Urgent Care Franchising Myths

posted on: 2022-07-31
Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches

Are you considering investing in an urgent care clinic? You will likely be surprised by the many advantages of owning your franchise. Franchising has become very popular these days—with over 750,000 franchise businesses in the United States alone.

But as with any business, you need to look at the pros and the cons before investing. In this article we will address some common myths about owning an urgent care franchise

It Involves Too Much Risk

Anyone who is considering an urgent care franchise understands there are risks involved. Franchises, however, are more successful than other small businesses because of the work the franchisor has invested in the business. 

Franchisors know the best practices to follow so you are successful in your business. By partnering with an established urgent care center, you have the framework, training, and support to succeed.

You will also have a franchise support team who can guide you as you develop your urgent care franchising business. 

Urgent care franchising is also a wise investment as the need for healthcare facilities, including urgent care centers, will continue to grow as our population ages. 

You Will Have to Sacrifice Your Freedom

It is a myth that franchisors do not allow the franchisee to have the freedom to run their clinic. Franchises do have guidelines and procedures, but the franchisee has autonomy. For example, the franchisee is in charge of staff, scheduling, billing, and marketing of the clinic within your community. 

Allowing franchisees the luxury of making essential decisions on how to run their business contributes to the brand’s overall success. With ongoing support, the franchisor enables the franchisee freedom so they can go on to have a thriving business. 

The Investment Will be too Expensive

In general, franchises are more affordable than starting your own business. The other benefit is that having the franchisor’s guidance increases the likelihood of success. 

You already have a business plan with a franchise, including how much money you need to invest. A small business can fluctuate outside of your initial business plan, which can be especially risky for lenders. Lenders may be more willing to loan money if there is already an established franchise. 

You Need to Have Industry Experience

It is a misconception that you need experience in the medical industry to open a medical clinic franchise. Though entrepreneurs with expertise in the medical sector are great candidates for franchising, the right franchisor will give you what you need to ensure success regardless of your background.

At Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches, we offer a 40-hour classroom and hands-on training so you can feel confident in all aspects of the business. The franchise support team will also guide you through the opening and operating of a successful urgent care franchise. 

urgent-care-franchise-2-1024x387 Common Urgent Care Franchising Myths

Where Can I Find More Information on Opening an Urgent Care Franchise?

In 2011, Dr. Sharif Salehi founded Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches, an urgent care that offered a comprehensive list of medical options. Demand was so high that Dr. Salehi opened additional locations until 2020, when he franchised his concept.

Many questions you likely have about opening an urgent care franchise are addressed on our Urgent Care Franchise FAQs

If you are considering opening an urgent care franchise, contact us today! 

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