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DOT Physical West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens

Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches offers DOT Physicals in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens. If you are working as a driver of a commercial motor vehicle, then your employer will require you to undergo a DOT Physical.  In order to get your DOT Physical, please visit one of our three locations: Walk In Clinic in West Palm Beach ;  Walk In Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens or Walk In Clinic in Palm Springs, or alternatively you can Schedule an Appointment.

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DOT Physical West Palm Beach/Lake Worth/Wellington - FAQ's

1. What to expect during your DOT exam?

As you know, the DOT physical is designed to determine if a driver’s health condition is good enough for him /her  to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle without being a threat to other road users. The exam cannot be skipped as driving without a valid DOT card on the road is illegal.

It is helpful to prepare a list of health-related items to bring with you to the exam. This should include:

  • A copy of your last medical exam or relevant health records
  • A copy of your last medical exam from any specialist such as a cardiologist or neurologist
  • Recent lab results if you have a condition that requires regular lab work, including diabetes mellitus
  • Any auditory or visual aids such as hearing aids or glasses that you use when you are driving
  • A detailed list of prescription medications including when you take them and the dosages

2. What does a DOT Physical in West Palm Beach include?

There are several important components to a DOT physical. Each test is important to determine safety to perform the essentials of the job. 

  • A detailed health history which will review the medications you take, surgical history, substance use, and other medical conditions
  • Drivers are required to have at least 20/40 vision acuity in each eye (corrective lenses are accepted) and be able to distinguish colors.
  • Hearing has to be good enough to take notice of the so called forced whisper at a distance of at minimum 5 feet (hearing aids are acceptable).
  • Blood pressure needs to be lower than 160/100 (high blood pressure medications are accepted).
  • Sugar levels in the blood have to be at a maximum of 200, diabetes that requires an insulin injection is not accepted, only diabetes controlled by using oral medication is allowed).
  • Additionally, drivers are tested to look for any abnormalities associated with their ears, throat, heart, lungs, chest, abdomen, extremities, and spine. As well as any neurological impairments.
  • You may need additional testing such as an electrocardiogram based on the findings of the exam.

3. Does the DOT physical include a drug test?

Yes, it is necessary for drivers to pass a drug test.

4. What drugs are the drives tested for?

Drivers are tested for drugs, such as: marijuana, opiates, phencyclidine, cocaine and amphetamines.

5. Can I refuse to do the drug test?

Drivers who refuse to take the drug test are treated the same as if the test results were positive.

6. If my drug test is positive, what consequences will I face?

Drivers whose drug test result comes out positive can lose their CDL and additionally be required to meet with a substance abuse professional.

7. What if I don’t pass the test?

Drivers who don’t meet the requirements are denied their DOT medical certificate.

8. What happens when I pass the test?

Drivers who pass the DOT physical exam receive their DOT medical certificate which is valid for two years. Please remember that there are cases when the medical examiner issues the certificate valid only for three or six months and even up to a year.

9. What shall I bring to the DOT physical in Lake Worth?

  • Drivers have to bring with them their driver’s license or any other photo ID.
  • List of any medications they currently take (name / dosage).
  • Contact lenses or eyeglasses if needed for driving
  • Hearing aid if needed for driving
  • Drivers with any medical conditions need to bring the appropriate documentation, e.g. most recent hemoglobin A1C value (drivers with diabetes), Sleep Apnea Compliance Report with at least 60 days (drivers with sleep apnea), or a medical letter from their physician (drivers with any neurological conditions need to bring a letter from their neurologist that addresses the condition)

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10. What may disqualify me from obtaining my certificate? 

A DOT physical determines if you are healthy and safe to maintain your commercial driver’s license. There are certain instances and conditions for which you may be disqualified including: 

  • Poor vision that cannot be corrected with prescription glasses
  • Deafness
  • Narcolepsy
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic conditions not managed properly such as diabetes, heart, or lung disease

Usually a DOT physical will need to be completed every 2 years, however if you have a chronic condition it may be required annually. 

Are You in Need of a DOT Physical? Visit our Urgent Care Of The Palm Beaches! 

If you  are in need of a DOT physical in West Palm Beach or DOT physical in Lake Worth then our doors are open for you. 

At Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches, we are committed to being efficient, professional, and thorough so you can be confident in your results. Our patients are treated as family so you know you will be served with care. 

Time is valuable in a world with many demands. We promise to complete your exam in a timely manner so you can check one more thing off your list. 

Also, your privacy is important. Your information will never be sold, traded, or rented to third parties. Medical information is protected from the moment you walk through our doors. 

For more questions about your DOT Physical, please visit one of our 3 locations:  

Walk In Clinic in West Palm Beach

Walk In Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens

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Alternatively you can Schedule an Appointment.

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