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Urgent Care Franchise FAQs

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Ever since Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches has been open for franchising, we have been getting many inquiries and questions about this timely business opportunity. Read on as we try to comprehensively answer 11 of the most common questions about owning an Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches franchise.

If you want more information, or if this page fails to answer your question satisfactorily, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you.


What are the pros of owning an urgent care franchise vs. building one from scratch?

  • Very minimal room for error

When you invest your resources by franchising an established medical clinic like Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches, you are saved the trouble of making a number of errors and mistakes—which is common when building a business from scratch.


  • Proven, profitable business model

Our urgent care has a proven business model that has been profitable for years. In fact, urgent care centers have annual combined revenue of $28 billion, which is projected to increase in the coming years. The global pandemic has even raised the public demand for more accessible health care.


  • Easy to market

Since we have been in the industry and have established a reputable brand, it is easier for our franchisees to market health services and make a name in the community. On the other hand, having new urgent care will require an elaborate marketing plan, as it still needs to make a name for itself.


  • Available ongoing support

Franchisees are given full, continuous support in running the business so they can operate, provide valuable services, and become profitable even if they have no medical background. When you build an urgent care clinic from scratch, you may not have as much support and assistance from industry and business experts.


What services can I offer if I own a franchise of Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches?

To date, our franchisees can provide the following services:

  • Medical services through the walk-in clinic
  • vaccines and immunizations
  • X-rays
  • drug tests
  • physical examinations
  • sports-specific physicals examination
  • pregnancy testing
  • preoperative screenings
  • COVID nasopharyngeal swab test
  • COVID lgG antibody test

Since healthcare is a rapidly changing industry, we may add more services in the future. Our franchisees will always be given updates and new information as they become available.


What makes your business model profitable?

We have refined our business model to make it successful and profitable without compromising the quality of services we provide to our patients and the community. Through years of experience, careful planning, and implementation, we reduced the average waiting time to only 10 minutes. We make sure that no patient will wait for more than 15 minutes to get the treatment they need. By minimizing downtime, we can accommodate more patients, meet their medical needs, and guarantee high-quality service, translating to more profits.


What will I receive as part of the franchise?

Our franchisees will receive a comprehensive operating manual, a license to use our operating and business model, and rights to use our trademark.

Franchisees will also be given 40 hours of classroom and hands-on training before opening their urgent care franchise. Our franchise support team will also assist and guide you through the development of your new urgent care location until your grand opening.


Do I need a medical background or experience to own a UCPB franchise?

Although it will be helpful for the franchisees of Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches to have experience in the medical industry, this is not a requirement at all. The most important quality that we are looking for in our franchise partners is the desire to meet the health and medical needs of people in the community through high-quality urgent care service.

If this is your first time, our 40 hours of training and the availability of our support team are more than sufficient to equip you with everything you need to know. However, this is also a great business opportunity for physicians and entrepreneurs with business management, sales, and marketing experience and skills.


How much is the initial franchise fee for your medical clinic franchise?

To franchise Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches, you need to pay an initial investment, which varies depending on your chosen location. Please call us at (305) 592-9229 for more information or request more info here.


Is financing an available option?

Currently, we have no available direct financing through Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches. However, our franchisees can get assistance through SBA funding programs.


Will you provide training for franchisees?

Before your grand opening, you will have 40 hours of hands-on training that covers everything you need to know to run a successful urgent care franchise. Our franchisees will learn how to manage and facilitate all sides of this business. The training includes how to:

  • hire qualified personnel
  • handle billings and other administrative work
  • interpret and understand industry regulations and compliances
  • market your location and services

We also have a team that will guide and assist you on-site during the initial stage of your operation.


How much support will a franchisee receive?

Apart from the training and guidance we provide before and during clinic opening, we also give continuous support to our franchisees who have trusted and invested in us. Ongoing support service is accessible through phone calls, e-mails, and even visits to your location. You will also be informed about business operation updates, industry updates, new procedures, and other information that can improve and streamline your business transactions.


How much can I make as a franchisee?

There is a growing market for an urgent care clinic, and the need has been steadily growing. The demand for accessible, high-quality, and safe medical care has increased even more since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will guide you through the process and even help you market your business, but your earnings as a franchisee may depend on how much you want to grow the business and how efficient you are in responding and meeting the needs of the patients.


How can I become a franchisee?

If you want to own a franchise of Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches, simply contact us today, tell us when you’ll be available to talk, and we can discuss this business opportunity in detail. You can also call us at (305) 592-9229.

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