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What You Should Know About The Healthcare Franchise Industry

posted on: 2021-02-01
urgent care franchise

A healthcare franchise opportunity serves two important needs: providing a range of services for patients and providing an affordable option as an alternative to emergency medical care. Urgent cares are necessary, as they allow patients to receive the care they need quickly and without the high cost of hospital services. 

By setting up a profitable medical franchise you are providing more than just a clinic. It is a business opportunity that not only helps to save lives and keep people in your community healthy, but it also helps to fuel the economy and create jobs.

If you are considering investing in a healthcare franchise, continue reading for additional information!

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Why a HealthCare Franchise May Be Right For You

A medical franchise is a wonderful opportunity for physicians to use their skill set while allowing independence and entrepreneurship. There are risks involved, but there are profitable financial rewards by following established and successful business models. 

The U.S. urgent care industry profits close to $30 billion annually. This number will only continue to rise due to the continued rise of illness, aging, and chronic disease. There are plenty of opportunities for those looking to enter the industry. 

Between 2014 and 2019, urgent care services in the United States saw annual growth of 6.1%. 2020 numbers will likely increase due to the coronavirus epidemic. 

Anyone in the healthcare industry understands the benefit of urgent care services. Better service time, quality of care, convenience, and patients’ cost savings are the top reasons patients prefer urgent care. 

What Does The Future of HealthCare Franchises Entail

No one has a crystal ball, so it is impossible to predict the healthcare franchise industry’s future. We do know urgent cares are likely to continue to see continued growth based on industry market reports. 

Urgent cares are popular in urban communities, but strong growth is predicted in rural areas through 2024. In rural communities, emergency medical care can be difficult to obtain. There may also be more demand to see primary care providers, resulting in delayed appointments and postponement of care.

Health Insurance companies are also behind healthcare franchise growth. Insurance carriers partner with urgent care centers as they know the cost savings compared to emergency hospital services. Some insurance companies increase reimbursement rates for patients who receive care at urgent care versus an emergency room. As a result, urgent care facilities see more patients guided to care through insurance providers. 

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How Can I Learn More About The Healthcare Franchise Industry?

If you are considering a medical franchise, in particular a healthcare franchise in Florida, you have come to the right place. Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches has refined its business model for success within the industry. The average wait time is under 10 minutes while providing care for various illnesses and injuries with onsite pharmacy access. 

The cost of franchising opportunities varies based on location. Successful candidates may have previous experience in entrepreneurship and the medical industry. But even if it is your first medical business, we can provide successful training, and we will guide you as you develop your business. 

For more information about starting a healthcare franchise in your community contact us at 305 592 9229 or submit a request form.

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