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5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Continue Wearing a Mask After COVID-19 Vaccination

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In December 2020, the United States started rolling out COVID-19 vaccinations to its citizens. Now, more people become fully vaccinated and as a result, more states — including Florida — have begun to reopen.  Indeed, people are beginning to picture finally going back to normal and this includes being able to go out without face […]

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7 Important Facts About Diabetes

diabetes urgent care of the palm beaches

According to the International Diabetes Federation, about 415 million people around the world have diabetes. They estimate that this number will radically go up in the next decade. This staggering number has triggered various non-profit organizations to promote various campaigns aimed at the importance of early detection, control, and access to appropriate interventional treatment.  It […]

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What Are the Most Painful Headaches and How to Treat Them?

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Headaches are among the most common ailments treated at an urgent care clinic. According to the World Health Organization, up to 1 in every 20 adults experience tension headaches everyday or nearly everyday. However, despite being a common health concern, still not everyone fully understands headaches–for instance, what are the types of headaches? What are […]

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What You Should Know About The Healthcare Franchise Industry

urgent care franchise

A healthcare franchise opportunity serves two important needs: providing a range of services for patients and providing an affordable option as an alternative to emergency medical care. Urgent cares are necessary, as they allow patients to receive the care they need quickly and without the high cost of hospital services.  By setting up a profitable […]

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