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How to Prevent Marine Envenomations From Spoiling Your Summer

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  Marine envenomations refer to the exposure to toxins, or poison from marine creatures like jellyfish, sea urchins, stingrays, scorpionfish, sea snakes, venomous fish, or corals.   Though quite common – and in some cases quite serious – marine envenomations had not gained much attention until recently when cases have become reported more frequenty, especially […]

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First Aid Treatments for Long Bone Fractures

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Your bones are your body’s framework. Long bones, in particular, not only allow you to stand erect and facilitate movement, but also contain your bone marrow, which plays an important role in blood cell formation and fat storage. If not recognized and treated promptly, a long bone fracture can lead to severe bleeding and in […]

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Measles Outbreaks on the Rise in Palm Beach County & Florida

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Measles, once eradicated in the USA, is making a come back. And this is BAD news for anyone who has NOT been immunized against the disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 600 people have already contracted measles, with Florida one of the main states affected. This is significant, considering in […]

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5 Reasons Why People Are Choosing To Visit a Walk-In Clinic

Walk-in clinic in Palm Beach County provides essential medical care for people who need immediate medical attention with no appointment required. Basic medical services are provided including routine vaccinations, cold and flu symptoms’ evaluation, acute injuries treatment and others. Call us to receive information regarding hepatitis A and measles prevention! Walk-in patients are welcome anytime, even […]

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Kinds of Health Care Services an Urgent Care Offers

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The Urgent Care Association of America reported that there are an estimated 55% of all urgent care centers that have been operating for five years or longer, and over 9,000 clinics are looking to open another branch or expand. Urgent care centers are the newest addition to the healthcare industry, which medical services and patients […]

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