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Going under the knife? [8 effective tips for preparation and quick recovery]

As our name might suggest, Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches should be your first stop for minor illnesses and injuries like ear infections, non-compound fractures, asthma and sports physicals. At our urgent care center Lake Worth, we treat without appointments and ensure that you get what you need without having to wait too long. What you might not know is that we also provide pre-op testing in North Palm Beach, West Palm Beach and Palm Springs.

Most invasive surgeries require a pre-operative test or screen to ensure that the patient is healthy enough to undergo the procedure. A pre-op screening in North Palm Beach or any of our other locations includes a basic physical, a review of your health history, and a discussion of your current health status. We ask you questions and do any necessary tests to ensure that your surgeon, anesthesiologist, and the rest of the surgical team have as much information about your health as possible before putting you under and beginning the surgery.

Although pre-op testing in North Palm Beach is an essential part of the surgery preparation process, it’s not the only step. Here is some advice for getting ready for surgery and some tips to help you recover as quickly as possible.

ING_33594_105133-300x197 Going under the knife? [8 effective tips for preparation and quick recovery]

Well before the procedure

  1. Share your health history: Long before you even get in the room, you should discuss with your anesthesiologist your experience with anesthesia as well as your history of drug and alcohol use. There is no judgment here! Past abuse or even current, irregular use can have an impact on which anesthesia is chosen and in what dosage. The anesthesiologist’s goal is to ensure that you do not feel pain during the surgery, but also that you are able to come out from anesthesia safely.
  2. Share your fears and questions: Having surgery can be scary. It’s natural to feel fear about the unknown, especially when it comes to your health. Talk to your anesthesiologist and surgeon about your fears and ask them all of your questions. No question is too small!

Before the procedure

  1. Follow the pre-surgery directions, especially about eating and drinking: Food and drink in the stomach or digestive tract can react badly with the anesthesia. Believe it or not, it can end up in your lungs! For this reason, it is critically important to follow the instructions you receive. If you are receiving only local anesthesia, there will be different instructions than general anesthesia.
  2. Get your pre-op screening in North Palm Beach: Approximately 1 month before the surgery, stop in to any one of our three Palm Beach locations to get your pre-op screening. We ensure that you are healthy enough to undergo surgery and provide all necessary documentation and labwork that you may be missing.
  3. Wear loose clothing and phone a friend: You won’t be permitted to drive after being sedated, so ask a friend or family member to pick you up. Also, wear loose-fitting and appropriate clothes in case there is any swelling after the surgery. A button-down shirt can be a good option if you are having shoulder surgery, as you minimize the need to raise your arms over your head.

After the procedure

  1. Relax and rest: We Americans have a tendency to believe that if we want something badly enough, we can will it to happen. That is not the case when it comes to healing after surgery. If your doctor tells you it will take three weeks for you to heal, take the three weeks. If you go back to work or start doing other activities of daily life too soon, you can re-injure yourself and set back your recovery. Although most doctors recommend light activity and light movement, if you start doing something and it feels painful, stop doing it and return to rest. Talk to your doctor about it. Try again tomorrow. There is no reason to pop painkillers to force yourself to do something which causes excruciating pain.
  2. Eat and drink enough: We might think, since we’re laid up, that we should cut down our calorie intake to compensate for the inactivity. We probably should - but it doesn’t mean we should stop eating altogether. Food is fuel for your recovery. Water is even more important. Drink up.
  3. Do your rehabilitation exercises: Whether these are physical rehabilitation exercises or breathing exercises, your doctor and physical therapist will recommend activities for you to do to strengthen your muscles at the site of the surgery or around it. The breathing exercises can help expel mucus from your lungs after anesthesia.

If you still haven’t had your surgery, visit us for your pre-op testing in West Palm Beach or one of our other 2 locations. If you are post-op and you have questions about what you’re experiencing, our doctors at Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches are here for you. We have three locations and are open 7 days a week to ensure that you get the medical advice you need after having a major surgery. Get a ride from a friend to come see us - no appointment necessary.


The material contained on this site is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MEDICAL ADVICE, and is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional medical judgment, advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health.

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