We are happy to announce that we are providing telemedicine as alternatives for our patients.
Our telemedicine services are available only for those patients living in the state of Florida.
The cost is $99 per visit for cash paying patients.

All patients with insurance or Medicare will be responsible only for the co-pays or deductibles as dictated by their insurance plan.
All appointments can be made online or by calling our office.

If you make an appointment online, please choose the telemedicine tab. You will receive a call shortly thereafter to guide you on how to login to our patient portal (Healow agent).

We offer telemedicine to all Workmen’s Compensation injuries in Florida.

If you are a case manager and are making an online appointment for a patient, please enter the patient phone number and email for us to contact them. You may fax us any additional information.

What conditions we may treat by telemedicine:

1. Cold and flu: fever, cough, sinus infection, asthma exacerbation, prescription refill
2. Skin: rashes, skin infections, allergies, sunburns, cold sores, puncture wounds

3. Women’s healt: UTI, birth control pill, STD, STI
4. Men’s health: erectile dysfunction, UTI, STD/STI’s, prostatitis.

We do not prescribe any controlled substances telemedicine.

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