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5 tips on how to effectively manage asthma.

posted on: 2018-03-06
Urgent Care Center in Lake Worth

Symptoms of asthma can be a real nightmare. Endless coughing, wheezing, and that feeling that there isn’t enough oxygen can definitely be overwhelming. Sometimes, it may seem that there is no escape from this annoying cycle where the symptoms of asthma stress you out, with the stress you feel only worsening the symptoms. The good news is if you know how to manage it properly, asthma doesn’t need to slowly choke you off from enjoying your life. Our Urgent Care Center in Lake Worth shares 5 tips on how to live with asthma and still function without constantly worrying that you will have a severe attack out of the blue with no one to help you.

  1. Stress is your big enemy

Easier said than done; however, you should try avoiding stressful situations if you have this condition. It doesn’t directly trigger asthma attacks, but it definitely makes it harder to control them. Even a small dose of intense stress may worsen your symptoms. Extended periods of stress combined with uncontrolled breathing problems may lead to the development of different health problems, such as difficulty sleeping and concentrating, poor performance, withdrawal, feelings of depression and changes in appetite. At our Urgent Care Center in Lake Worth, we encourage our patients to manage stress by regularly exercising, meditating, getting enough sleep, limiting alcohol and eating healthy food. Something as small as going for a walk may also reduce your stress and help you get some fresh air into your lungs.

2. Smoking is strictly forbidden

Smoking or being in close proximity to a smoker is not the best idea for anyone, let alone a person who has asthma. Cigarette smoke irritates your lungs’ airways and it will definitely exacerbate your symptoms, e.g., coughing and wheezing; moreover, it may permanently damage your airways, cause different types of cancer, gum disease, heart disease and high blood pressure. Don’t give in to second-hand smoke. Simply walk away from those who are smoking or ask them not to smoke next to you; if they are your friends, politely tell them to go outside.

3. Avoid asthma triggers

One of the best ways to manage your asthma is avoiding asthma triggers. These are any allergens, irritants or conditions that make your symptoms more severe. They are not the same for every person. Something that causes a reaction in you may have a neutral effect on your asthmatic friend. The key is to determine which triggers affect you specifically and avoid them at any cost. Sometimes, it’s impossible to completely exclude some of them from your life, but at least you should try to reduce these triggers in the areas where you are. Among the most common triggers are dust, pollen, indoor mold, strong odors, sprays, colds or even some foods and beverages (shrimp, dried fruit, wine). At our Urgent Care Center in Lake Worth, our physicians will work with you to determine what your asthma triggers are and help you minimize your exposure to them.

4. Don’t let it slip your mind

If you have been prescribed a medication, try not to forget to take it, even if you don’t experience any symptoms at all. In order to keep track of the dosing, you may want to set an alarm every time you have to take a dose or establish some sort of routine that works for you. Another important thing which can’t slip your mind is to refill your prescription if you’re running low. Don’t wait until the last minute to go to the pharmacy. Staying on top of your medication schedule is a very important step in your asthma management plan.

5. It’s okay to ask for support

Many of the patients who seek Urgent Care in Lake Worth often claim that they don’t want to burden their families and friends with their problems and hence try to deal with their asthma on their own. If you belong to that group of self-reliant people, we strongly advise you to open up to your closest ones and ask for their support. Besides having someone to be there in case of an emergency, you’ll also have someone who knows what to do in daily life. If you still believe that your health is your problem, and don’t feel like bothering anyone with it, you can always join a support group in your community and meet with other people who struggle similarly to you. Sharing experiences, fears and doubts may alleviate some of the stress.

When to see a doctor?

If you suffer from asthma or suspect that you may have it, don’t wait until your symptoms worsen – contact our Urgent Care Center Lake Worth, where we will help you effectively manage this condition and give you advice on things you can do to avoid asthma attacks and increase your quality of life. For more information about the services provided at Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches, visit our website or contact us. For your convenience, we are open seven days per week.

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