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Flu Shot Misconceptions You Need to Stop Believing


Flu season is once again in full swing and as before, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that individuals aged six months or older get the much-needed flu shot as soon as possible.


You’re only one flu shot away from protecting yourself and others against the flu. If you are looking for a facility that offers a flu shot in Palm Beach County, you can go to the nearest Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches (UCPB) clinic. Flu shots are also available in all of our three locations:


  • Flu Shot in Palm Springs/Forest Hill Blvd - Call (561) 328-8433
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Despite the health campaign for an annual flu shot, however, less than half of Americans still refuse to get vaccinated due to fears arising from common misconceptions about flu vaccination.


Doctors and experts in UCPB  walk-in clinic, Palm Springs have put together the following facts you need to know to debunk these misconceptions.


1. Myth: You'll be sick with the flu because of the influenza vaccine. 


Truth: Flu shots won't make you sick but it will prevent you from developing the flu. According to Harvard Health, flu shots contain an inactivated virus so it cannot transmit infection. Likewise, the CDC clarifies that some flu injections have the flu virus' single gene. This means that it is not enough to cause an infection but it is just the right amount for the body to develop an immune response against the flu virus. 


2. Myth: You can no longer get flu shots in the middle of winter.


Truth: It is highly recommended that flu shots be administered between September or October. However, health workers will not discourage you from getting the vaccine even if it's in the middle of January since there are still some more months remaining for flu season. You'll still be able to benefit from the protection of the vaccine.


3. Myth: You don't need to get flu shots every year.


Truth: The influenza virus mutates and changes how it impacts the human body every year. Even if you've had the vaccine before, it's still a good idea to get a flu shot again for the next flu season to protect yourself from the most recent strain. 


If you’re a healthy person, you might still be a carrier of the virus without you knowing it or experiencing any symptoms. If you get the shots yearly, you can help prevent a potential outbreak.


4. Myth: Vaccines work 100 percent.


Truth: Getting a flu shot in Palm Beach County means you'll have a 40 to 60 percent chance of avoiding the illness, as per the CDC. But while it's not a 100 percent protection, people who've been given the flu vaccine will experience less intense effects of the virus, such as low-grade fever, mild headache, and muscle pain. 


For some people, especially those with really low immunity, the lack of flu shot increases their risk of hospitalization, flu complications like organ failure, and even death.


Medical-Center-Hialeah Flu Shot Misconceptions You Need to Stop Believing


Learn More About Flu Vaccines in UCPB Walk-in Clinic, Palm Springs


Do you have further questions about the flu? Or would you like to take action to protect yourself and your family? Contact Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches Walk-in Clinic in Palm Springs today. You can also schedule your immunization online. For inquiries, contact us.




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