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Suffering From Migraines? Here's What You Need to Know


Migraines are characterized by a throbbing, recurring, and debilitating headache that may cause other symptoms like vomiting or nausea, or sensitivity to light and sound. The condition may last for hours or days, but the intensity varies per person.

Do you suffer from migraines? Consult the best doctors at Palm Springs urgent care to get the proper care and treatment that you deserve.


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The American Migraine Association cites that at least 36 million Americans suffer from migraines. However, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine discovered that 18% of women experience migraines, compared to 6% of men, in the general population.


Here are some things you must know if you suffer from migraines.


1. Migraine triggers can differ.


The exact cause of migraines is unclear and the triggers vary with each attack. However, experts believe that the body may be sensitive and the common migraine triggers include:

  • Changes in the hormones, especially for women during their menstrual cycle
  • Lack of sleep, fatigue or tiredness
  • Stress, anxiety, depression, or emotional trauma
  • Alcohol or caffeine intake
  • A diet containing food with additives, cheese and citrus fruits
  • Medications like sleeping pills
  • Smoking or second-hand smoke
  • Too much exposure to flickering screens

Treating migraines also varies with each person and it's important to discuss the symptoms with your doctor at Palm Springs urgent care to get a personalized course of treatment.


2. Busting migraine attacks entails observing your body.


If you suffer from migraines pretty regularly, you should already have some ideas of the triggers. The sooner you can determine what these are, the better you can manage migraine strikes.


Observe how your body responds to certain foods or changes in your habits and routines. If you drink plenty of water, avoid sweet foods, or exercise more than once a week, do you experience fewer migraine attacks?


3. Stop taking medication if it's not helping.


Most people take over-the-counter medications like acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen for pain relief. Some take antiemetic drugs that can ease up nausea or vomiting, while others use preventive migraine medications containing ingredients and nutrients like coenzyme Q10, vitamin B-12, riboflavin, and magnesium citrate to limit the attacks.


But, if you have been taking medication that delivers no relief at all, it's best to go back to the doctor to try a different treatment, such as acupuncture or acupressure. According to a study published in Neurological Sciences acupressure has been proven to reduce the intensity of migraine within 30 minutes of the treatment.


Also, avoid experimenting with medications just to fight the migraine. Always ask your doctor before taking medications. Certain drugs might cause side effects that can worsen your migraine.


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4. Inform your doctor if you suffer from migraines with aura.


Migraines with aura have been linked to problems with the central nervous system, according to the American Heart Association. Though strokes are rare with migraines, the link is still present and may pose a higher risk among older women.


Migraines with aura are characterized by the following symptoms, apart from the severe headache:


  • Stiffness in the shoulders, neck and limbs
  • Pins and needles on the legs or arms
  • Problems with speaking
  • Black patches and visual disturbances
  • Sensitivity to unpleasant smells

Urgent Care in Palm Springs doctors will monitor you for unusual changes in your migraine patterns and prescribe the right treatments accordingly if they are aware of your specific symptoms.


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If you have been suffering from migraines, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with our qualified urgent care doctors. At Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches, Palm Springs, we are committed to practice excellence in healthcare. For inquiries, Contact Us.


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